Vereinigte Hagelversicherung

Complete legal compliance for strong employee satisfaction at Vereinigte Hagel

Why Vereinigte Hagelversicherung VVaG chose Evermood as a streamlined and uncomplicated solution for implementing an internal whistleblower system.

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How many employees does Vereinigte Hagelversicherung have?

At this moment, our team consists of approximately 280 colleagues.

What topics do you use Evermood for at Vereinigte Hagelversicherung?

We use Evermood for compliance purposes. As per § 23 Abs. 6 VAG, insurance companies are required to establish a process that allows employees to report potential or actual legal violations and conduct that does not comply with the rules while maintaining the confidentiality of their identity. Therefore, we have implemented an internal whistleblower system through Evermood, where compliance violations, data protection breaches, AGG violations, and social conflicts can be reported.

Which contact points are integrated into Evermood?

Due to the focus on these topics, we have integrated compliance officers and data protection officers as contact persons in Evermood.

About Vereinigte Hagelversicherung

Vereinigte Hagelversicherung is a leading specialty insurer in the field of crop protection against weather-related risks and a reliable partner for its insured members in their individual risk management. As Germany's No. 1, the company employs around 280 people and has more than 190 years of experience as a mutual insurance association.

"We wanted to implement a whistleblower system that covers all legal requirements and can adapt to the specific content needs of Vereinigte Hagel. With Evermood, we found the optimal solution."

— Stephanie Keibel, Compliance Officer

What overarching goal are you pursuing within your position? What do you want to achieve?

Our main goal is to instill awareness of compliance among the staff and provide all employees with the opportunity to report potential legal violations when needed. This not only helps Vereinigte Hagel achieve legal compliance but also enhances employee satisfaction.

What challenges did you want to solve with Evermood?

The central challenge was the legally compliant implementation of the statutory requirements for an internal whistleblower system, not only from the Insurance Supervision Act but also from the EU Whistleblower Directive. Particularly, the challenge of providing an anonymous reporting channel while ensuring ongoing communication with the reporting party is a requirement that can only be technically resolved. GDPR compliance must also be guaranteed. Traditional reporting methods like letters, phones, and emails can no longer meet these requirements.

What were your biggest doubts about collaborating with Evermood?

In short: there were none. We were convinced of Evermood from the very first conversation.

"The cost-benefit factor for a straightforward and streamlined solution like Evermood is extremely high. When the web app is embraced and used by the staff, compliance and employee satisfaction for the company increase exponentially."

— Stephanie Keibel, Compliance Officer

What made Evermood particularly attractive for use at Vereinigte Hagelversicherung? What sets us apart from competitors?

There are several factors to mention. Firstly, it's the complete coverage of legal requirements and the system's adaptability to the specific content needs of Vereinigte Hagel. Additionally, it's the innovation and agility of the Evermood team: there are no long waiting times for customization requests, the team is easily reachable, and they continuously work on improving the platform. Lastly, it's the straightforward collaboration, personal contact, as we feel like more than just a number, and the attractive pricing.

What would you tell other companies facing the same challenges as you?

I would wholeheartedly recommend Evermood. If you want to implement your internal whistleblower system in a legally compliant manner, Evermood is definitely a good solution. I would also mention the potential for expanding it to cover other topics, such as health and conflicts. Here, I see potential for even better-integrated and comprehensive employee support.

What features and enhancements do you wish for from Evermood?

It would be positive if the platform could be adapted in some aspects by users themselves. Since we have multiple European branches, having more languages would be advantageous. I am already looking forward to future updates in this regard.

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