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Digital and personal: How Evermood supports Neue Pressegesellschaft

Why the Neue Pressegesellschaft has extended its collaboration with Evermood, which features Dr. Heckner, the Head of Human Resources and a member of the executive board, particularly values in Evermood, and what she is looking forward to next year.

Good to know

How many employees does Neue Pressegesellschaft have?

Currently, there are around 1,900 colleagues who are part of our great team at Neue Pressegesellschaft.

For which issues do you use Evermood?

We use Evermood for support with psychosocial concerns. This primarily includes areas such as health (e.g., psychological stress, exhaustion, addiction, depression) and social conflicts (e.g., sexual harassment, bullying, unfair behavior).

Which confidants are involved in Evermood?

It is important to us that our employees have a neutral, independent entity that knows how to handle the diverse concerns of our workforce with utmost professionalism. Therefore, as a first step, we deliberately involved external confidants from Evermood.

About Neue Pressegesellschaft

Neue Pressegesellschaft is the umbrella organization for numerous digital and printed media in the southwest and east of Germany. As a media group, it embraces regionalism in a worldly and intelligent manner by providing a common home for its strong media, marketplaces, and services, deeply rooted in their local areas.

How did you become aware of Evermood and what convinced you?

We became aware of Evermood through the German Association for Personnel Management (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung e.V., DGFP). In the wake of the #MeToo movement, it was important to us to set a signal and show, with the introduction of Evermood and the establishment of a code of conduct, that sexual harassment is not tolerated at Neue Pressegesellschaft.

What ultimately convinced us was that Evermood offers a holistic and at the same time flexible system: holistic because we can address both social conflicts and health concerns through it, and flexible because we only pay for the counseling services that our employees actually use.

What conclusions do you draw after one year of collaboration?

Even a year after going live, we continue to be very satisfied with Evermood and grateful for the assurance that there is a low-threshold and professional help channel that is well received by our employees. The added value is also reflected in the positive feedback that our employees convey to us.

"In our collaboration with Evermood, we were particularly impressed by the quality of the consultants, the option of an anonymous point of contact, and the content for digital self-help."

– Dr. Kathrin Heckner, Head of Human Resources and member of the executive board

What are you looking forward to next year with Evermood?

We look forward to integrating the right contact points into Evermood even more sensibly in the future.

We are also excited about the new digital knowledge database. It represents a comprehensive and important tool for our managers, who can easily obtain information and help to competently support their teams even in difficult matters.

At this point, we are also looking forward to the already announced expansion of the database content to include short explanatory videos.

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