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This is how Rödl & Partner takes care of the well-being of its colleagues

In this interview, Anke Führlein, Head of Personnel Development and the confidants office at Rödl & Partner, explains why she relies on Evermood's contemporary support services when it comes to mental health and culture development.

Good to know

For what topics do you use Evermood?

We use Evermood for a wide range of issues, whether it's stress management, leadership consulting, burnout or depression prevention, conflict resolution, or support for personal or family matters.

Which confidants are integrated into Evermood?

In total, 7 confidants are integrated into Evermood, including our internal confidants, colleagues from the HR support and personnel development department, as well as our company doctor.

About Rödl & Partner

Rödl & Partner is an internationally operating auditing and consulting firm headquartered in Nuremberg. With more than 5,000 employees, the company is present in 106 locations across 48 countries.

"With Evermood's offering, our goal is to proactively strengthen the well-being of our employees and prevent conflicts."

— Anke Führlein, Head of Personnel Development

Why did you choose Evermood?

At Rödl & Partner, people have always been at the center of our focus. It is important for us to create conditions that enable healthy work and a fair and respectful interaction with each other.

Of course, we all face challenging situations in our daily work, such as team conflicts or mental pressure. The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges as well. The majority of our work is currently happening in digital form, the boundaries between work and private life are blurring, and the demands are becoming more complex.

Given these challenges, we were looking for a contemporary support solution that allows us to proactively enhance the well-being of our colleagues and prevent conflicts.

How does Evermood support you in organizational and personnel development?

At Rödl & Partner, the value of "caring" is an integral part of our corporate culture, both towards our clients and our employees. We want to create a culture where we communicate with respect and look out for each other. Interestingly, the expectations of employees regarding workplace culture have changed significantly in recent years. Studies show that a large portion of employees expects an open approach to mental health issues at work. Simply designating contact persons or setting up a counseling hotline is no longer sufficient today.

I am glad that we found a contemporary solution with Evermood, which sensitizes and empowers our leaders and team members to proactively and empathetically address challenges like mental stress or team conflicts.

What were the decisive criteria for choosing a provider?

In selecting a provider, it was important for us to meaningfully expand our existing offerings. We were convinced by the variety and quality of the Evermood Media Library. We also liked that we could integrate our existing internal contact persons into Evermood via telephone or confidential chat. It was crucial not to install another coexisting app but to find a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into our existing infrastructure.

What do you wish for in your future collaboration with Evermood?

I appreciate how the Evermood Media Library is continuously evolving. I particularly like the new video formats. It's enjoyable to be a part of your development, and I hope this development continues.

Additionally, it would be great if there were more opportunities for exchanges with other companies in the future. We are at a point where we want to further institutionalize our company's health management, and I believe you could better utilize your network effects to create exchange formats and share best practices.

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