The multi-award-winning solution for the well-being of all employees

The holistic approach of our Work Life platform enables organizations to easily, quickly, and in compliance with GDPR, unlock the right measures for their employees.

EAP was yesterday.
Evermood is now.


Return on investment

For every euro that companies invest in the mental health of their employees.

Deloitte, 2020


Higher usage than EAPs

Evermood's holistic approach enables significantly higher usage rates than traditional EAPs.


Satisfaction rate

Our customers are impressed by Evermood's holistic platform and our excellent support.

200+ der besten Arbeitgeber Europas nutzen Evermood täglich

Just a few of the reasons why our customers choose Evermood:

Holistic approach

With Evermood, you offer your employees access to over 100 virtual events per year, a constantly growing media library with over 300 articles, videos and exercises, as well as professional counseling and coaching on professional, personal and health topics.


You can individually adjust Evermood to meet the requirements of your organization. Remove offers from Evermood, add your own and even integrate external service providers into your work life platform.


Evermood can be integrated into existing HR systems and intranets in just a few clicks, enabling a seamless user experience across various platforms.


We take extensive technical and organizational measures to meet the requirements of the most heavily regulated industries (banks, insurance companies, public sector) at all times.

Excellent level of data protection and compliance for particularly regulated industries

Hosting in Germany

Evermood is hosted exclusively in certified high-security centers of the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany. The processing and storage of data occur solely in Germany and do not transfer to third countries.

ISO 27001

We ensure that the information security of data centers always meets the requirements of ISO 27001 and that the processing of personal data is in line with Trusted Cloud requirements.

Regular pentests

In addition to our comprehensive internal auditing and testing program, Evermood has extensive penetration tests of our entire production and corporate networks conducted annually by external security experts.

Numerous measures

In addition to the technical measures to ensure our work life platform, we have also introduced extensive organizational measures to ensure a complete level of security.

Enable your employees to achieve excellence while staying healthy and motivated.