A holistic platform for all employees in every situation

With Evermood, you can provide your teams with virtual events, helpful exercises and confidential 1-on-1 counseling in just a few clicks and receive insightful reports that help you to sustainably advance culture and health in your organization.

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Live events

Live events that inspire. All year round.

Provide your employees with access to inspiring keynotes and interactive workshops. Create a sustainable offering that is permanently available. Save valuable time by finding suitable live events from qualified trainers in just a few clicks.

Media library

Countless exercises and knowledge just a click away

Create an accessible entry point by providing your managers and employees with valuable knowledge and exercises, empowering them to independently and proactively overcome the challenges of their daily work life. Our media library contains over 300 short videos and articles, covering a wide range of topics from work-life balance and parenting to conflict and stress management.

Coaching & Counseling

Professional and individual 1-on-1 counseling

Provide your employees with easy and quick access to professional counseling. Our psychologists offer anonymous and flexible advice via video or chat. You can seamlessly integrate existing counseling services such as company social services, disability management officers, or existing EAPs into Evermood.

Insights & Evaluation

Always keeping an eye on the wellbeing of your teams

Keep track of your team's culture and well-being to identify risks and potentials early on and derive targeted actions. With our GDPR-compliant evaluations, you gain insights into your top topics and can make data-driven decisions in just a few clicks.

Onboarding and implementation in four phases

Phase 1: Get a demo & identify requirements

Find out in an individual product demonstration how Evermood works, what successes we have already achieved with organizations in your industry and how the platform can be seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape.

Phase 2: Free trial

During our free trial period, you and your team can try out Evermood for free and be convinced of the quality and diversity of our offer.

Phase 3: Implement & support

We support you with a personalized onboarding appointment, a variety of communication materials for the rollout, and creative hooks for ongoing support and promotion of your work life platform.

Phase 4: Analyze & optimize

By continuously evaluating your work life platform, you know exactly which topics are relevant and can implement the measures that are really important.

What impressed me right away was the variety and quality of the events and videos as well as the ability to easily integrate existing internal offers, such as our EAP.

Fabienne Ruopp
Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Manager
Fabienne Ruopp

Excellent level of data protection and compliance for particularly regulated industries

Hosting in Germany

Evermood is hosted exclusively in certified high-security centers of the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany. The processing and storage of data occur solely in Germany and do not transfer to third countries.

ISO 27001

We ensure that the information security of data centers always meets the requirements of ISO 27001 and that the processing of personal data is in line with Trusted Cloud requirements.

Regular pentests

In addition to our comprehensive internal auditing and testing program, Evermood has extensive penetration tests of our entire production and corporate networks conducted annually by external security experts.

Numerous measures

In addition to the technical measures to ensure our work life platform, we have also introduced extensive organizational measures to ensure a complete level of security.

Enable your employees to achieve excellence while staying healthy and motivated.