City of Heilbronn

Complementary digital support offers for employees of the City of Heilbronn

The city of Heilbronn is expanding its existing counseling services with Evermood to provide employees with access to supportive information 24/7 and from anywhere.

Good to know

How many employees does the city of Heilbronn have?

The city of Heilbronn employs over 3,300 people in various fields. This makes us one of the largest employers in the Heilbronn-Franken region.

For what topics do you use Evermood?

We use Evermood to provide support in various focus areas, primarily:

  • Health-related concerns
  • Personal development
  • Leadership consulting
  • Conflict resolution
  • Family & personal matters
Which contact points are integrated into Evermood?

The broad spectrum of our existing internal contact points already covers many of the topics presented in Evermood. Depending on their counseling needs, city employees can contact colleagues from the Internal Social Services, interest groups, Occupational Health Management, the internal addiction support group, or the Women's Representative.

About the City of Heilbronn

The city of Heilbronn is an important European economic hub located in northern Baden-Württemberg and is home to 125,000 people from 150 different nations. Just as diverse and multifaceted as the city itself is the Heilbronn city administration, with its wide range of tasks and around 200 different professions.

"What we liked about Evermood is that we can provide access to essential aspects of daily life and our internal support network to employees who do not have a laptop or PC at their workplace."

— Birgit Haala, Health Manager of the City of Heilbronn

Why did you choose Evermood to support your employees?

We liked Evermood because it allows us to make support services for our employees more accessible: All employees who have at least a smartphone have the opportunity to access the information provided on Evermood, and a work or personal PC is not required.

We also appreciate the variety of topics within the platform. Our employees' concerns are always individual and sometimes very personal. Especially with sensitive topics such as debt or grief, we want to discreetly offer qualified initial assistance.

Information on the topics they are looking for provides initial assistance to those affected and can also help reduce shame and fears, encouraging them to turn to a qualified internal (or external) specialist.

Another point that convinced us was the design and user experience with Evermood. The platform offers a very user-friendly design, presents all topics in a structured overview, and manages to make all offers accessible at a glance.

How does Evermood support you in Occupational Social Services and Health Management?

We specifically connect the contents of the Evermood media library with our existing internal offers. For our employees, this means that they can independently engage with social and health-related topics and also directly contact qualified in-house contact persons.

"Finally, in such an important project, communication and support are very important to us. Here, we can say that Evermood's customer support is exceptionally good, and the cooperation has been first-class so far."

— Andrea Leue-Schwarz, Occupational Social Services at the City of Heilbronn

What is your initial conclusion regarding the cooperation?

We find that the offer is very well received by our employees. Our employees frequently use the platform and get in touch with the contact persons, just as we had hoped for.

But our internal contact points also see a clear added value in the offer.

Enable your employees to achieve excellence while staying healthy and motivated.