Handelsblatt Media Group

Prevention, safety and an open feedback culture at Handelsblatt

As one of the leading media companies in Germany, the Handelsblatt Media Group uses Evermood to always lend an open ear to their employees, even when dealing with difficult topics, and to solve problems easily and quickly.

Good to know

How many employees does the Handelsblatt Media Group have?

Currently, around 900 colleagues are part of our team at the Handelsblatt Media Group.

What topics do you use Evermood for?

Since 2019, we have primarily used Evermood as a prevention tool for the issue of "sexual harassment," but also for addressing bullying or other interpersonal conflicts. We simply want to ensure that such cases have no chance to occur within our organization, and that affected colleagues can easily and quickly seek help if needed.

Which confidants are integrated into Evermood?

In the tool, we have exclusively integrated external confidants provided by Evermood, but of course, we also have internal points of contact who can be contacted if needed. Sometimes, it's easier for colleagues to initially speak anonymously with an external consultant. In the coming year, we will expand our collaboration with Evermood and also provide the opportunity for discussions about our corporate culture. For this purpose, internal points of contact will naturally be involved.

About the Handelsblatt Media Group

HANDELSBLATT MEDIA GROUP GMBH & CO. KG, a company within the Dieter von Holtzbrinck Media group, is the leading media company for economic and financial information in Germany and Europe. With major brands such as Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche, numerous specialized publications, a wide range of multimedia offerings, and a global editorial network, we provide orientation, shape opinions, and facilitate dialogue. Nearly 900 employees contribute daily to translating the dissemination of economic expertise into impactful action.

"For us, an improved culture also means addressing difficult issues openly and giving our colleagues the opportunity to raise concerns. In this regard, Evermood as the first point of contact is a very good partner for us."

— Astrid Caetano, Director Culture & Development

What is your goal as Director of Culture & Development? What characterizes the culture at the Handelsblatt Media Group?

Due to our journalistic core, we are a company with many talented individuals who excel in their work every day. However, we have identified a need for improvement in cross-functional collaboration and would like to further develop our culture. Our team is driven to facilitate collaboration for our colleagues across HMG, such as through improved feedback culture, increased transparency, and enhanced conflict resolution skills. If this automatically leads to even more enjoyment in teamwork among the teams, all the better.

Why did you choose to implement Evermood?

For us, an improved culture also involves addressing difficult issues openly and giving colleagues the opportunity to address grievances. In the initial stages, this is often easier when done anonymously. As an employer, we want to ensure the absolute safety of our employees, which includes preventing issues like sexual harassment or bullying from arising in the first place. Evermood helps us to be easily accessible as a point of contact for our colleagues.

Does a culture of trust really need an anonymous reporting channel?

That's a question we initially asked ourselves. Of course, we want to create a culture where employees can personally reach out to us, and in most cases, this is already happening very well. However, we also understand that there are particularly sensitive issues where anonymous consultation in the initial stages can be the best way to break the silence. Our goal, however, is always to be ideally involved and resolve potential problems.

Are you satisfied with what Evermood has achieved so far?

We are very satisfied with the introduction of Evermood and the high level of expertise provided by the experts, whether it's for an initial, low-threshold conversation or for support in handling a complex conflict. Next year, we also plan to utilize the opportunity for employees to discuss culture-related topics with us through Evermood. We will involve internal confidants to respond more quickly to improvement suggestions.

What is your overall conclusion regarding the collaboration?

Evermood provides us with an ideal ombudsman service in a simple and straightforward manner. The introduction was well-received by both our colleagues and our works council. We feel very well advised by Evermood and have the confidence that we have a highly competent partner by our side when dealing with challenging cases. We look forward to further collaboration.

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