About the support for professional and personal matters at COMBERA.

With Evermood, COMBERA has implemented comprehensive support for its employees and derives specific follow-up measures from the offering.

Good to know

How many employees does COMBERA have?

COMBERA GmbH currently employs around 380 employees and, depending on the task, has access to a pool of approximately 500 leasing travelers, around 200 mobile merchandisers, and around 1000 promoters.

For which topics do you use Evermood at COMBERA?

We offer all the topics provided by Evermood and also make use of the new online webinars. This includes, among other things, health-related concerns, dealing with conflict and stress situations, stress management, leadership counseling, burnout or depression prevention, support for personal or family matters, and topics related to ethics and compliance.

Which contact points are integrated into Evermood?

To provide comprehensive support, we have incorporated internal trust persons from all COMBERA departments and established public support services into Evermood.


Since 1976, Munich-based COMBERA GmbH has been operating in the German market. COMBERA is one of the leading full-service agencies in point-of-sale (POS) marketing and a specialist in tactical and strategic sales support, with offices in Munich and Leipzig.

How do you use Evermood at COMBERA?

We care about you! – At COMBERA, we value a fair and healthy working environment where we treat each other with respect and appreciation. Evermood supports us in this. With the Evermood media library, we promote the social and health competencies of our colleagues and strengthen our team culture in this way.

“Evermood offers our employees and managers impulses to proactively and independently strengthen their mental health. Topics in both professional and private contexts, conflicts, difficult conversations, and much more – even individual approaches are presented. A tool that excites us."

– Gabriele Wenzler, Personnel Development

Why did you choose Evermood for this purpose?

An essential point for us was that we not only provide our COMBERA team with a support platform 24/7 but also can derive targeted follow-up measures from the offering. With Evermood's usage statistics, we can see in which areas our colleagues seek the most support. This helps COMBERA create specific offerings in those areas.

"From the beginning, we had the opportunity to shape things on an equal footing with Evermood and integrate COMBERA's own content into our platform. This is the all-in-one platform for employee support through digital knowledge sharing. Our team benefits from this, being able to access content and assistance 24/7, and anonymity along with data protection is always ensured."

– Bettina Kramer, Corporate Communications

What is your conclusion regarding the current cooperation, and what do you wish for in the future?

At COMBERA, we are very satisfied with the collaboration and support, and we especially appreciate the open and transparent communication. This makes our interaction very personal and productive. Our responsible team members also highly value Evermood's service offering, including referrals to experts in various fields, networking opportunities, and the consistently prompt and professional assistance provided by our contact person, Marie Nitze.

Overall, while we expected the platform's usage by our COMBERA team to be even higher, the anonymous chat function is frequently used and provides a good means of contact. We are working with Evermood's communication campaigns to increase and maintain the overall usage rate.

For the future, we at COMBERA wish to see more content on topics such as compliance, remote work (e.g., leadership, self-organization), and team building. Additionally, we would like a more detailed analysis of the statistics on the dashboard, but the team is already working on it.

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